Here you can find out news about us and our partners and also about the TV and ethno market.

New in our channel portfolio: Ukraina 24

MP | 5. April 2022

In the current situation, we are very pleased to be able to offer you Ukraina 24, a reliable news channel from Ukraine. The channel is also available in HD and is currently enjoying brisk demand. Ukraina 24 HD is the first Ukrainian channel to be available on Magenta TV since 29 March 2022 at programme position 139. Ukraina 24 is a private news channel based in Kiev, which was founded in December 2019 and belongs to Media Group Ukraine. The TV channel follows an objective broadcasting policy and aims to serve as a reliable source of information on news about Ukraine, Russia and the world with high-quality independent content. The channel currently offers a 24/7 news service on current developments in Ukraine in cooperation with other Ukrainian news channels. Usually, talk shows and documentaries round off the programme.

New in our transmitter portfolio with immediate effect: Gulli and M6

MP | 1. March 2022

We are pleased to offer you two new French channels. The channel Gulli, founded in 2005, mainly targets children. The French private channel M6, on the other hand, offers you a full programme. The channel belongs to RTL Group with 48.56% and is listed on the stock exchange with 45.98%.

New in our channel portfolio with immediate effect: CROTV HD

MP | 4. February 2022

Attention friends of Croatian television! We now offer you the channel CRO TV HD. The channel was founded in 2018 and is currently planning to build a programme for the whole family. From news and documentaries to talk shows, music programmes and children’s programmes, everyone should get their money’s worth here. Within a short time, the channel has already won many Croatian viewers with its offer via IP and satellite.

Four new channels in our channel portfolio

MP | 28. January 2022

From now on we offer you four new channels from TV Azteka, one of the largest media houses in Mexico. You can now receive the four pay-TV channels Cinema, CLIC, Corazon and Mundo. While the channel Cinema will delight film lovers of Mexican vintage films, CLIC targets young Spanish-speaking adults and delights viewers with e-sports, reality and lifestyle TV and much more. With the Corazon channel, you get a TV programme with heart. The channel will entertain you all day long with selected soap operas. Variety for the whole family is offered by Mundo. It will win you over with cooking shows, series, comedies, news and much more.

Now available in our channel portfolio: fight24

MP | 19. June 2020

Martial arts fans watch out! We are pleased to offer fight24 as part of our channel portfolio from now on. Its audience can expect top-class martial arts from all over Europe in HD quality. News, behind-the-scenes reports, live transmissions and lots of thrills are guaranteed. More information about the TV channel can be found here.