About us

Mediapool Content Services GmbH is the leading service provider for the licensing and marketing of mainly foreign-language TV and radio channels in the German-speaking region.

As long-time experts within the national and international telecommunications and broadcasting industry, we have been providing advice and support for network operators for 20 years regarding the licensing and compilation of channel packages. At the same time, we provide market access for international television and radio broadcasters who are interested in expanding into the German-speaking region. Our portfolio currently includes more than 170 international TV and radio stations.

Our customers include well-known cable operators and IPTV providers from the German-speaking area.

Our services for network operators

One in four residents in Germany currently has a migrant background. Consequently, foreign language TV channels from network providers form an important part of every comprehensive TV package. In this regard, we can offer you the following services:

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Our services for channels

There are people of many different nationalities living in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. As a broadcaster, you try to find a way to reach your own people in other countries with your channel. We therefore help you to achieve this through:

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Knowledge of ethnic markets

22.5% of the German population have a migrant background, 15% in Austria and 24% in Switzerland. In order to provide these people with high quality content and culturally compatible TV and radio programmes, we study daily the ethnic market in the German-speaking countries. We regularly analyse the national and regional distribution of these target groups by country of origin and look at current statistics. In addition, we regularly investigate the TV watching habits of people from foreign backgrounds and know which of their own national stations they watch or want to watch and through which mode of transmission. We will gladly advise you when putting together the right channel packages for your target groups.