Here you can find out news about us and our partners and also about the TV and ethno market.

Now available in our channel portfolio: Melodie TV

Mediapool-Team | 15. February 2018

This week we look at Austria and are pleased to announce that the music TV channel Melodie TV from Tyrol granted us the retransmission right. Here, fans of schlager and folk music will find everything that makes their hearts beat faster. Apart from music shows, documentaries on nature and culinary topics will be shown. Read here more.

Now available in our channel portfolio: INSIGHT TV

Mediapool-Team | 9. February 2018

This week we added a new TV channel to our portfolio. INSIGHT TV is an action sports, lifestyle and entertainment channel that broadcasts incredible stories of inspiring people in English language. More information about the channel you can find here.

Now available in our channel portfolio: France 5

Mediapool-Team | 21. July 2017

Are you looking for a French documentary channel? What about France 5? Recently, we added this channel to our portfolio. It broadcasts 24/7 documentaries and magazines from various thematic fields and is aimed at French families living abroad. Please find here more information.

Now available in our channel portfolio: France 4

Mediapool-Team | 14. July 2017

We are happy to present you a further French TV channel this week, that we are allowed to retransmit from now on. France 4 targets French-speaking children during the day and adolescents in the evening. The programme line-up is matched with the target group. More information can be found here.

Now available in our channel portfolio: France 3

Mediapool-Team | 5. July 2017

After the short presentation of France 2 last week, we would like to introduce France 3 to you today. This channel is focussed on French culture and regional specifities of the country. The programme is versatile and aimed at the whole family. From now on this channel is also part of our portfolio. For more information, please click here.