We support our network operators with the optimal representation of foreign-language channels and language packages within their marketing channels. We also help you gain a better understanding of the ethno market and the consumer behaviour of your customers with migrant backgrounds, and with increasing sales of the packages. We offer you the following options:

Supply of broadcasting material for the presentation of language packages

We provide network operators with the latest generic channel materials all-year round for the presentation of their language packages on their websites or in their programme listings. For those channels for which we hold broad the distribution rights, they will receive as standard the channel logo and a description of the channel as well as an image trailer or image on request.

Cooperation between broadcasters and network operators

Are you a network operator and keen to actively market your language packages? Or are you a broadcaster wishing to start a marketing joint venture in the German-speaking region with a network operator? We can help you achieve this. Send us your request and we will establish contact with your desired cooperation partner/s.

We help you with the strategic planning, take over the project management and handle communication between all partners before, during and after the implementation of marketing activities. You can find selected examples of successfully implemented cooperation initiatives here:

Statistical information on the ethno market

We regularly analyse the latest federal office statistics on the ethno market in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Please feel free to contact us if you require further details. We also show selected publications in our newsletter.

Realisation of media research studies

Would you like to understand better the TV consumer behaviour of people in Germany with migration backgrounds? Are you particularly keen to know what opinion your customers with migration backgrounds have about your company and your foreign-language TV service and how they make use of this? Then come and speak with us. We are working in this area with our partner, ‘Tristar Film + TV GmbH’, who is responsible for planning and carrying out media research studies with migrants living in Germany.