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Swisscom adds the Ukrainian TV channel ESPRESO TV to its channel offering

MP | 7. December 2023

The strong increase in refugees from Ukraine in 2022/2023 for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, among others, is well known. The UNHCR recently published the latest figures for asylum applications filed by refugees from Ukraine in the respective country [more]

New TV channels available for Arabic-speaking migrants in Germany

MP | 31. January 2023

The Arabic-speaking target group in Germany has been growing disproportionately high for more than 7 years. A very high proportion is accounted for the number of people from Syria and Iraq. While ten years ago there were still 81,000 Syrians and 122,000 Iraqis living in Germany, as of December 31, 2021 there were already over 1 million Syrians and 362,000 Iraqis. [more]

New statistic data on population with a migration background

MP | 29. November 2017

Recently, the new figures on the development of the population with a migration background in Germany were published by the Statistisches Bundesamt. Overall it can be stated that … [more]

New statistics on the population with a migrant background

MP | 7. October 2016

We have waited a long time. The new statistics on the population with a migrant background in Germany in 2015 has recently been published by Statistisches Bundesamt. Among the countries with the strongest growth in Germany compared to the previous year, are Iran [more]