Successful marketing cooperation with for polski 1 and polski 3

Facebook ad of for Polish campaign

Recently, we mentioned it already. We would like to introduce you to another example of a marketing cooperation that we were very pleased about.

The regional operator also seized the opportunity and welcomed the start of the Polish autumn season in October together with us. In a multilingual Facebook campaign, in addition to pointing out its Polish TV packages available in Hamburg and the surrounding area, informed about the start of a crime series on TVP Polonia and thus enthused the Poles from the region for their special offer.

We are very pleased that the successful campaign test is now leading to further campaigns for other language packages as well as a repetition of marketing activities for the Polish TV packages and we look forward to see how the other target groups react to the end customer communication.

If you are also interested in working with us to address international target groups in Germany or have questions about how you can best reach your foreign-speaking end customers, then please feel free to contact us. We can support you with TV content, statistics and know-how about the target groups. If you are interested, please write to