New Russian-language TV channel starts broadcasting in Germany

Today in Germany, a new Russian-language TV channel goes on air. RTVD is encrypted and will be distributed via cable, IPTV and satellite.

RTVD is the first independent programme for the Russian-speaking community, which is produced in Germany. „With RTVD we fill a gap in Germany: We create independent television from Germany for the Russian-speaking population of Germany,“ says CEO Peter Tietzki.

Focus of the programme line-up are news – from Germany, Russia, Europe and the world. The RTVD audience will watch news from Deutsche Welle, BBC and the Russian channel ‘Dozhd’ (TV Rain). ‘Dozhd’ has positioned itself as one of the last independent TV channels in Russia in recent years and is aimed at the young, educated audience in the large cities. Moreover RTVD produces in Berlin a message block called ‘Digest News’ twice a day.

In addition to news RTVD will broadcast current Russian movies, TV series and plays.

RTVD also belongs to our channel portfolio.