Mediapool website now online again

This week, we are happy to announce that the long wait for our restored website has come to an end and it is now fully available for you again.

As part of the restoration, we decided to renew the design, as well. In addition we have simplified the usability and provide you with all the information about our company, our products, the channel materials and the ethno market in a more comprehensive way.

We have added a new section “Marketing”. Here we summarize for you which additional service for the retransmission of channels or our VoD content can be obtained from us.

We would also like to thank you for your participation in our survey on the communication channels on which you would like to receive our news. As a newsletter and the presence on the social media networks Xing and LinkedIn meet your interest by far the most, we now offer, in addition to the news in our blog, also all information via these ways. Here you can follow us via Xing and LinkedIn.

We do appreciate to hear your opinion about our website and hope, that you will like it.

Your team of Mediapool