🎉 Congratulations on the station’s anniversary!

26th birthday of RTV BN

On May 5th, Radio Television BN (RTV BN) will become 26 years old. Founded at Easter 1998 as a private, local television station in Bosnia-Herzegovina, the media company is now one of the leading media companies in the region. The portfolio now includes three television channels and a radio station, almost two hundred employees produce interesting high-quality content every day and the TV audience shares speak for themselves.

We have been cooperating with RTV BN for many years and are therefore also pleased about the long existence.

🎬 Since the anniversary overlaps with Easter Sunday this year, with EASTER WHOLE DAY PROGRAM there will be a special Easter highlight on TV from 6 AM to 7:30 PM including lots of music, video contributions and popular celebrities as guests in the studio.

We wish RTV BN a nice birthday, happy Easter and all the best for the future! 🎂

Are you interested in the TV channels of RTV BN? Then please feel free to contact us. More information about the channels you can find here.

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