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Deutsche Telekom starts offering Orient TV as free-TV channel at Zuhause Kabel

Mediapool-Team | 15. November 2016

As of today, Deutsche Telekom is offering the Arabic-language free-TV channel „Orient TV“ as part of their cable TV product „Zuhause Kabel“ and responds to the strong increase of Syrian citizens in Germany within the last year. Orient TV is based in Dubai and broadcasts news, documentaries, shows and further entertainment programmes for viewers with an interest in a Syrian TV programme.

Now available in our channel portfolio: AIT International

Mediapool-Team | 10. November 2016

Recently, we added the popular Nigerian TV channel, AIT International, which has so far been known from pay-TV to our free-TV offer. This channel shows a general entertainment programme in English language with mainly African productions for Africans and all viewers interested in Africa. More information about the channel you can find here.

Now available in our channel portfolio: Public TV of Armenia

Mediapool-Team | 4. November 2016

Today, it is our pleasure to announce that Public TV of Armenia is now available in our free to air channel offer as the first Armenian TV channel. It is designed for the whole family and shows a colourful mix of news, documentaries, series, shows, music, sports and programmes about artistic and cultural characteristics of the country. For further information, please click here.

New statistics on the population with a migrant background

Mediapool-Team | 7. October 2016

We have waited a long time. The new statistics on the population with a migrant background in Germany in 2015 has recently been published by Statistisches Bundesamt. Among the countries with the strongest growth in Germany compared to the previous year, are Iran [more]

New Russian-language TV channel starts broadcasting in Germany

Mediapool-Team | 1. June 2016

Today in Germany, a new Russian-language TV channel goes on air. RTVD is encrypted and will be distributed via cable, IPTV and satellite… [more]