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Der Eintrag stammt vom 04.11.2016 12:15:22

Now available in our channel portfolio: Public TV of Armenia

Today, it is our pleasure to announce that Public TV of Armenia is now available in our free to air channel offer as the first Armenian TV channel. It is designed for the whole family and shows a colourful mix of news, documentaries, series, shows, music, sports and programmes about artistic and cultural characteristics of the country. For further information, please click here.
Der Eintrag stammt vom 06.10.2016 15:35:56

New statistics on the population with a migrant background

We have waited a long time. The new statistics on the population with a migrant background in Germany in 2015 has recently been published by Statistisches Bundesamt. Among the countries with the strongest growth in Germany compared to the previous year, are Iran (+ 142.6%), Vietnam (+108.4%), Afghanistan (+ 106.9%), Kosovo (+74.9%), Africa (+73.5%) and the Arab countries (+57.5%). We are pleased to offer you suitable free to air channels for these nations.

The nations with the largest share of the population in Germany with a migrant background have not changed compared to last year. These can be found here. For complete statistics from the Statistisches Bundesamt please follow this link.

Quelle: Statistisches Bundesamt – Bevölkerung und Erwerbstätigkeit, Bevölkerung mit Migrationshintergrund, 2015, Fachserie 1, Reihe 2.2
Der Eintrag stammt vom 01.06.2016 10:52:30

New Russian-language TV channel starts broadcasting in Germany

Today in Germany, a new Russian-language TV channel goes on air. RTVD is encrypted and will be distributed via cable, IPTV and satellite.

RTVD is the first independent programme for the Russian-speaking community, which is produced in Germany. „With RTVD we fill a gap in Germany: We create independent television from Germany for the Russian-speaking population of Germany,“ says CEO Peter Tietzki.

Focus of the programme line-up are news – from Germany, Russia, Europe and the world. The RTVD audience will watch news from Deutsche Welle, BBC and the Russian channel “Dozhd” (TV Rain). “Dozhd” has positioned itself as one of the last independent TV channels in Russia in recent years and is aimed at the young, educated audience in the large cities. Moreover RTVD produces in Berlin a message block called “Digest News” twice a day.

In addition to news RTVD will broadcast current Russian movies, TV series and plays.

“We create television for all those who are tired of the propaganda war and are looking for balanced, objective information in order to form their own opinion,” Peter Tietzki says at the launch.

RTVD also belongs to our channel portfolio.
Der Eintrag stammt vom 02.03.2016 10:36:59

newTV Kongress 2016

Here we go. In a few minutes the newTV Kongress 2016 starts. As co-organizer and enthusiastic experts in the broadcasting industry, we wish all participants an exciting and innovative newTV day. Click here for more information.
Der Eintrag stammt vom 17.02.2016 13:49:33

Now available in our channel portfolio: TV8

Since a short while, with TV8 we can present a further Russian TV channel to you. The entertainment channel shows 24 hours per day a mixture of series, films, shows, documentaries and cooking programmes for Russian-speaking families in Europe. More information you can read here.
Der Eintrag stammt vom 29.09.2015 09:27:48

Welcome to the FSP – Mediapool launches its own file-sharing platform

In time for MIPCOM we are pleased to introduce our company’s own file-sharing platform FSP. While we received, checked and distributed the Marketing material of the TV and radio channels via different ways of transferring over the last years, now we looked for a standardized solution, that simplifies the whole process in the future for all partners involved. With FSP, today we present you a platform that on the one hand allows the channels to upload their Marketing material quickly, safely and uncomplicatedly to our server. On the other hand platform providers can easily get an overview over the existing content and make further use of it for their Marketing activities. We look forward to receiving your feedback and hope you will enjoy using the platform.
Der Eintrag stammt vom 03.09.2015 09:21:11

Now available in our channel portfolio: NETVIET

This week we have a look at Vietnam. It is our pleasure to present NETVIET as a new TV channel in our offer. The Vietnamese channel is aimed at Vietnamese worldwide and international viewers who are interested in Vietnam. Apart from an extensive focus on the culture of various Vietnamese regions, the programme line-up also includes news and entertainment shows for the whole family. Click here for more information.
Der Eintrag stammt vom 14.08.2015 15:09:01

Now available in our channel portfolio: Iqraa

Have you already heard of Iqraa? The TV channel which targets the Muslim audience comes from the Arab world and is well-known among the Muslim community worldwide. Its self-appointed aim is to communicate the moderate Islamic message to Muslims and Arabs in its purest form. From now on we offer you the retransmission right for this channel, too. Further information about Iqraa are available here.